There once was a family called Bollati from Parma, Italy…They had a vision to make sustainable haircare products. Starting in their garage, they did just that. In 1993, their first products were born carrying the Davines logo, a combination of letters from siblings Davide and Stefania. 

The family always sought harmony between science and nature. The brand’s in-house lab and chemists made of passion of this pursuit. Davide, always energized with wanderlust, looked to the world for inspiration, and Davines grew into the culturally diverse, made in Italy, brand it is today. 

The little brand from Parma eventually opened offices in various cities around the world. Always trying to refine their philosophy, they eventually hit upon the tagline Sustainable Beauty. Two words, juxtaposed, carried so much importance that Davines wrote a manifesto about expressing ideals like “freedom of expression”, “multicultural curiosity”, “transparency” and “collaboration”. 

Humanity and respect for the environment grew ever more important, leading the brand to make most of its products carbon-neutral. As it got larger, it became more and more conscious of making a positive impact on the world, on doing what it could to take responsibility for the planet and improving the one place everyone calls home. 

So Davines became a B Corporation, or benefit corporation, in 2016 to use business as a force for good. All this helped the brand find its true purpose: to be the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability.

After years of dreaming, the Bollati family built the Davines Village where every product is crafted. It opened in the Summer as the physical incarnation of sustainable beauty.

This brief family story reads like a fairy tale, but sometimes fantasy and reality come together to make something beautiful and good. You just have to believe.

135 products

135 products