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MORE INSIDE: This Is A Curl Building Serum MINI

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Transform Limp Curls into Voluminous Locks

Adds elasticity, shine to curls, blocking frizz and humidity.

  • 100ml Limited Edition Mini Size* Not Photographed


  • Curls are super shiny, resistant to frizz and humidity and defined.
  • Without Paraben and added colorant.

How To Use:

Apply a small amount of product to damp hair before styling.


The active ingredients in More Inside, called “factors,” are balanced to elevate styling function and help define the final result: from extra moisture, to extreme bounce and anti-flaking qualities.

Say goodbye to flat and dull curls with the Davines Curl Building Serum Mini. This hair serum is specially formulated to enhance and define curls, without causing any frizz or stiffness. Unlike traditional hair serums, this curl building serum is lightweight and non-greasy. It penetrates deep into the strands and enhances hair's natural curl pattern. With regular use, this hair serum builds up the curl structure and gives long-lasting results.

The Davines Curl Building Serum Mini is suitable for all hair types and textures. Whether you have fine or coarse hair, this hair serum will transform your curls into voluminous locks. It contains a blend of nourishing and soothing ingredients that hydrate and strengthen hair. Some of the key ingredients include olive oil, jojoba oil, and rice wax. These natural ingredients work together to enhance hair's elasticity and shine.

To use, apply a small amount of the Davines Curl Building Serum Mini onto damp hair. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly. Let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser to enhance the curls. You can also use this hair serum as a touch-up throughout the day. Simply apply a small amount onto your palms and scrunch your curls.